With a two decade-long background in the music industry, two published books and a diverse skill-set which encompasses a wide range of creative endeavours, Simon is a firm believer in the power of a story; however that story may be conceived and delivered.


A large part of Simon’s career history has been built around the idea of conveying ideas and concepts in such a way as to appeal to, and be understood by, the greatest number of people possible. While the medium may vary, the idea is always the same; to use whatever art-forms are most appropriate and effective to get the message across.

Simon is also a very keen sports fan and innately understands that sport offers communication on a great many levels. Beyond the superficial competition lie a multitude of interconnected stories. This understanding of the power of message available through the sporting platform, and the ability to harness that power, is where Simon’s particular strengths lie and his unique contribution to Varoosh Sports Partnerships clients.

Content Creation
Brand Story/Concept Creation
Project Research
Project Management